Arctic C1 Mobile – Review

On August 21, 2010

Arctic C1 MobileEvery so often, we do a few hardware reviews.  This is one of a series of reviews for the Arctic brand of products.  For more information about the company or its products, go to

If Tom Hanks had through to pack the Arctic C1 Mobile solar charger with him before getting on that plane, the movie ‘Cast Away’ would have been over much more quickly.  Of course, he’d also have needed a cell phone and a clear signal to use it.

It’s a terrific solar charger that can recharge your iPhone battery as quickly as a USB port or an electrical outlet.  It should be noted that the Arctic C1 Mobile comes with an input for USB but also with a set of dongles for multiple other types of portable devices in case you don’t have an iPhone (heretic!).

Arctic C1 MobileThe product comes in one of those pieces of plastic that are impossible to open without some sort of sharp instrument.  This is a good thing because it insures the charger will arrive safely and undamaged.

The charger itself is very portable and just slightly smaller in dimensions as the iPhone or iPod touch.  It’s also extremely lightweight to the point where you have to remember where you put it or you’ll forget all about it.  

Arctic C1 MobileI did have some issues trying to charge it using interior lighting and in the end I would recommend having a direct path to the sun if you try to charge anything with the solar screen. Once the sun is available, the device works pretty much as advertised.  In the event that solar power is unavailable, the device’s lithium battery can be charged via any standard USB (a dongle for charging is provided with all the others).

For $24.60, the Arctic C1 Mobile is favorably priced compared to most of the portable solar chargers on the market.  You can even use it in conjunction with your iPhone and Arctic Sound S111 speakers for music at the beach.