Are You (Really) Ready for Back to School?

On September 1, 2013

September has just appeared behind the corner, and we are all rushing to be ready. Pens, pencils, apps, reviews, computer software. Anything goes when holidays are over and you need to keep at working.


No matter what you work, study or do with your life, if you are reading this review you use a computing device… and probably read a lot of text on screens. That’s bad, really really bad. Black text over white background is known to be horrible for the eyes, causing eye strain, migraines, dizziness and a lot of other nasty things. And it can be worse if you suffer from the scary sounding scotopic sensitivity syndrome. It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it makes black text over white to be a real pain. To find out if your eyes feel better with another shades as background colours, you can use aaSsessMyVS (review linkdownload link.)

Arc spread menu in My.Agenda Planner

After this is solved, is time to get your life in order. Order your schedule, order your finances, order your trips, order your everything. It may be argued that you don’t need My.Agenda Planner unless you have a case of OCD, but this is completely false. You definitely need My.Agenda Planner (review linkdownload link), since it is the only app that lets you live an ordered life. If you have a severe case of CDO (as it should be, alphabetically ordered) I can recommend another app from the same developers, LifeTopix.


Finally, there are two use cases for the following app. Students and business people. Why? Because nothing is better than a good bilingual dictionary. Well, maybe chocolate icecream, or bacon. But as dictionaries goes, a good bilingual can save you of countless mistakes. No longer tell your Argentinian coworker that you are pregnant because of a mistake (embarrassed is a false friend of the Spanish embarazada, which means pregnant.) I definitely can recommend heartily English-Spanish Reference Dictionary (review linkdownload link) by Word Magic. As far as bilingual dictionaries go, it’s the best I’ve seen for iOS. If you hurry you can catch their thesaurus for half-price. I did, I love having a huge pocket thesaurus. My favourite pocket dinosaur!

You'll die a lot

You’ll die a lot

And since not everything is study or planning, we suggest you get two games to sweeten the week: Sword and Glory (review linkdownload link) and Sky Tourist (review linkdownload link.) The only thing they have in common is that they are awesome games that we definitely recommend. Sword and Glory has been rated by our editor staff as the best of the year so far. Of course we still have 4 months to change our take, but not yet. And Sky Tourist is a fun, puzzle-like platformer to appease all tastes.