4 Ways to Make Your Car More Tech-Friendly

On September 25, 2013

One of the most beautiful sights on any road is a well-tailored car with all the bells and whistles. No one can deny that its owner has a far superior traveling experience than those who have cars with little technology. Everyone does not have the privilege of having a high-tech set of wheels. However, today’s smart phone technology, and applications makes it fairly easy to add a few amenities without having to buy a new car.

Rotating Smartphone Mount


Image via Flickr Markguim

The cellphone has been one of the most beneficial inventions of the 20th century. Each year, a new model comes on the market which adds to its usability. Although its benefits are great, it can also be a dangerous piece of technology. Thousands of cellphone related accidents happen each year. Instead of reaching and searching for your mobile when a call comes in, you could install a rotating smartphone mount.

It is relatively easy to install and you have the peace of mind always knowing where your phone is when you are on the road. You’ll avoid more accidents and probably pay lower-rates on your auto insurance for being a safe driver. If you need to upgrade your insurance you can compare rates at https://www.autoinsurance.us/.

Bluetooth Hands-Free 

Knowing where your phone is, and actually using it are two different things. Many states have made it illegal to talk on a cellphone while driving,  and rightly so. Driving takes both hands, and full-cooperation. Every car should have this tech friendly piece of equipment.  A Bluetooth, hands-free kit allows you to answer, and make calls by voice recognition. There will be times that important calls come in. Now you don’t have to miss them while you are on the road.  You can also activate your playlist via voice recognition, and listen to all of your favorite songs. This little piece of equipment is very easy to install and is very cost-efficient.

Roadside America

After properly mounting your phone, and equipping it with bluetooth technology, your car is a bit more tech-savvy than before. If you travel a lot, the Roadside America application for cellphones can enhance your travel. Using GPS technology, this app can give you information about off-the-beat sights, restaurants, and other attractions near your current location.  This can take the monotony out of any road trip — You never have to worry about boredom or being lost again.


This software is just plain cool. Traveling by car, you get to see a lot of the night sky. GoSkyWatch installs into smart phones effortlessly. Once installed, you can point it to the sky in any direction, and it gives you relevant information about the stars that are right overhead. It is pre-loaded with information of all the stars that you see with the naked eye. It works from any angle and doesn’t need any pushing of buttons.

Flashy high-tech cars always get attention, and makes heads turn. With a little do-it-yourself gumption, and your smart phone, you can have some of the same experiences that owners of the latest models of cars have. Your car isn’t new but now it is tech-friendly. Ride with ease just like the passengers of more modern cars do.