Asked And Answered…

On June 7, 2009

Engadget Asks, "Is This The New iPhone?"

And I Answer… I SURE HOPE SO!!!

Engadget just posted these pictures (after the jump) and ponders whether these spy shots are the new iPhone we will be seeing in less than 48 hours.

They explain–

that’s a matte black casing with no chrome border, a what looks to be a front-facing camera, and iPhone OS 3.0

Sure, this image could fairly easily be the iPhone 3G with a little bit of reworking but the image seems consistant with everything else we have been hearing and looks like it comes from the same family as many of the other blurry-cam shots that have been showing up.

So is it the new iPhone? Well, since

a. I really like the form factor of iPhone 3G,

b. I don’t want to have to get used to a differently sized keyboard


c. I hate the hard plastic back and this looks to be the matt surface…