Aspyr Moves Into iPhone App Development

On November 19, 2008

I’ve long been a fan of Aspyr Media’s game and I’m glad to see them moving into the iPhone app space in a big way. Their first release, Buggled, is a

fun and active game of multi-touch finger twister. Ladybugs attempt to escape your nimble fingers in this game filled with charming visuals and curious sounds. So keep your fingers on the ladybugs and don’t get Buggled!

But Aspyr is just getting started. Upcoming releases include-

Voodude, a toy where you can snap a friend’s pic (or enemy if you prefer) and turn them into ragdoll physics voodoo doll to poke, prod, fling, slap and generally torment.

FriendZoo, an app that turns each name in your contacts list into a rich illustration of an animal in a zoo exhibit, where the most popular attractions are your most talked to friends

And a variation of the classic marble/labyrinth game that features dazzling art and animations whose working title is Penguin Slider.

We’ll let you know when these addiitonal apps become available but Buggled is out right now for $1.99 and can be found HERE in the App Store.