Astraware Releases Latest Game – Phaze

On June 2, 2009

The creator of GTS World Racing and Hellfire brings a new game to the iPhone and Touch. Phaze is a highly-anticipated futuristic racing game for iPhone and iPod touch that just became available. 

Phaze lets you …


Grab your G-suit and helmet, select your ship and get set for some maximum velocity race action with Phaze. Navigate the twists and turns of 16 futuristic locations as you race your opponents in high tech race craft. Aim for the boost pads to achieve warp speed, pick up weapons to blast your opponents and collect power boosts and defensive shields along the way! Sharpen your reflexes, practice your race skills, and improve your laptimes in Single Race mode and then step up to complete all 16 races to win Championship mode! Choose from 3 craft to begin, and unlock faster, more sophisticated machinery when you reach the required goals.

The game includes 4 difficulty levels, 3 race craft to choose from, 16 futuristic tracks, and 6 types of weapon and defense powerup. You can even choose if you want to enjoy the in-game music, or play your own soundtrack while playing.

Here’s a quick video look…


You can get Phaze HERE.