AT&T starts rolling back upgrade eligibility dates for the next iPhone

On May 12, 2010

Since everything is starting to point to a new iPhone release next month (or at least announcement at WWDC), AT&T it seems has already started to quietly make changes to upgrade eligibility for some of its customers.

AT&T customers across the web are starting to report that the upgrade eligibility date on their AT&T accounts have switched from the original dates to June 21st, 2010.  Interestingly, if you bought a 3GS on launch day last year, your normal upgrade eligibility date would have been in November, but it seems that changes are being made to customers accounts to allow them to upgrade early and gain the AT&T subsidy on the new iPhone.

Everyone is reporting the same June 21st day, so I guess that means we have an idea of when we will be able to get our hands on our new iphones.

This hasn’t happened for everyone though, so your going to want to check your own accounts to see if your date has been moved up.

Of course, AT&T may not have intended for anyone to notice this either, and June 21st this year is a Monday, not the usual Friday / Weekend time line AT&T likes to launch new products.  I guess we won’t know for sure until then, but I think I can guess where your going to log in after reading this post.  If you see a June 21st date in your account, come back and answer our poll (lets find out how many of us are really getting that ‘update’).