AT&T throttles unlimited users after 3GB usage

On March 2, 2012

The story between AT&T and its unlimited data users never seem to be coming to an end but apparently AT&T has reviewed its unlimited data plans. As a result, users will still be able to use unlimited amount of data but they will also experience throttled speeds once they have reached the limit of 3GB for the 3G users and 5GB for the 4G users.

The reason being is that the cost of spectrum and bandwidth is continuing to soar and this has caused AT&T to reduce the network capacity to retain its stability. AT&T puts the blame on video streaming as it consumes a lot of data in just an hour’s time. Nevertheless, when the speed is throttled to 2G, not much can be done with a smartphone.

In other news, the soon-to-be released iPad 3 may not be available to everyone at its initial launch. This is because based on what was said by the Taiwan-based DigiTimes, there are currently some shortages in terms of supplies. The bottleneck on the manufacturing may be caused by the companies that manufactures the Retina display which are LG, Samsung and Sharp. It should be at least a month before these companies will be able to manufacture hand-in-hand with the demand.