Attachments+ for Mail allows you to open and send attachments using almost any iOS Mail application

On December 6, 2012

Attachments+ for Mail is a tweak released in Cydia during the day and with its help users can dramatically improve the iOS Mail application. Using this tweak you can add to emails almost any attachments available in your iPhone, but with the help of it you can also open any attachments, as long as you have an application in your iPhone to recognize them. This Tweak is also able to make the archives for attachments added to emails, but they also add inline with text, so you can arrange it as you wish.

“Manage Mail attachments like never before! Save and open attachments of all types, and easily attach files, photos, and videos to outgoing messages from within

Key features:

  • Supports inline attachments (alongside text): attach files just like you would paste text from the pasteboard
  • Uses libfinder’s powerful and intuitive interface
    • Preview files before attaching them
    • Compress (ZIP) files before attaching them

Note that some mail servers (such as Gmail via Exchange ActiveSync) do not completely support inline attachments, leading to message truncation or attachment omission. Please check compatibility with your mail server before reporting bugs related to sending mail.”

Attachments+ for Mail works only with iOS Mail application, so if you have other third-party applications, you should avoid them when you sent/receive some attachments. Tweak is available for $1.99 in the BigBoss repo of Cydia.