AudioExplorer + allows us to find audio files from our iPhones

On March 13, 2013

AudioExplorer+ is a tweak released during last night in Cydia, and with its help we can find all available audio files from our iPhones and we can use them in different ways. The application has a module that allows all applications in our iPhones to discover the available audio files in them, after finding them displays a list of all applications and accessing each application will see a list of audio files available in each.

Compatible with iOS 5 and 6. AudioExplorer+ makes it easy to find audio files on your iOS device and do stuff with them, like add them to ringtones or the iTunes library or open them in another app. It can play the same audio types that the free app AudioExplorer can, but finds them faster and is more responsive.

Audio files from applications can be listened, can be transferred to your iTunes library, only on iOS 5, can be opened in various other applications they run, they can be uploaded to Dropbox, can be used as ring-tones and that’s all. The application will be updated in the future and will include the ability to edit ID3 tags of songs and allows their conversion. AudioExplorer+ is available at a price of $1 in the BigBoss repo of Cydia.