Autoresponder 2 (iOS 6 +) allows you to automatically respond to messages

On February 27, 2013

Autoresponder 2 (iOS 6 +) is a tweak released during last night in Cydia and using it, you can send automatic replies to incoming messages on your iPhones. This tweak works only for your sent SMS’s and also sends SMS to the expeditor, depending on the service suitable for that person. The tweak has a settings menu in the Settings application and allows us to determine which are the automatically sent messages, including some special messages that are sent to specific contacts that can be passed in a list available in the application.

Requires iOS 6 or higher. Compatible and tested with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhones. Requires OR SMS account iMessage service with carrier. Autoresponder 2 Will make it so no one who texts you ever feels Ignored or iMessages again! Have you ever gotten messages while in a meeting, in school, in the movie, or Even while in deep sleep? Autoresponder That Will make sure anyone who messages you knows That you are unable to respond and Will get back to Them as soon as Possible.

This tweak already has a set delay so that the message sent by you in response to have a natural look and you can choose the desired delay for your reply. It is at the moment probably the only tweak in Cydia that allows us to automatically respond to incoming messages on iPhones with iOS 6 installed and you can find it in Cydia at a price of $1.5 in the BigBoss repo.