Avatron releases ad-supported Air Display Free app

On November 27, 2012

Since I first got my new Retina iPad I have been testing different apps that allow the iPad to be used as a second screen (or in my case a third screen) after having tried several different apps I really liked Avatron’s Air Display. Those unfamiliar with the app, it basically turns your iPhone or iPad into an additional monitor for your Apple desktop or notebook.

Until now however, the app’s US$9.99 price has been a bit steep for many would-be customers. this is where the new app from Avatron is great since it allows users to use their Air Display  for free by offering a no-cost, ad-supported experience.

The free version also includes a handy introduction tutorial that lays out the benefits of using your iOS device as an additional screen. Unlike other apps the ads only pop up every few minutes at first, only after several hours of use, will the ads remain permanently until you upgrade to the paid version or you shut down the app.

You’ll need an Intel-based Mac running 10.6 or later to run both the $9.99 version and the free version of Air Display.