(Back) In the App Store: PhoneSaber The Sequal– Lightsaber Unleashed

On September 25, 2008

It’s Baack… (sorry, wrong movie)

PhoneSaber, the absolutely useless app that puts the image of a Star Wars lightsaber (and the requisite “swooshing” sound) is back after initially being pulled due to trademark issues.

And it’s “better” than ever!!!

It now not only carries a new name and a completely new interface but it includes…


–5 characters from The Force Unleashed! YEAH!!!!!!!

–And each with their own Lightsaber! DOUBLE YEAH!!!!!!!!

–And it contains dueling music for extra fun! TRIPLE YEAH!!!!!!


So run on over to the App Store (or use a tesseract if it is faster). It’s free and you can get it HERE