Backup activation for iPhone factory unlocked

On May 23, 2011

A few minutes ago @ veeence announced on his Twitter account that Apple has disabled the official decoding by different companies and may in the near future to re-encode the decoded through these terminals.

To protect your phone from a possible re-coding follow the steps from video below to make a backup of your phone with SAMPrefs activation.I will not drill down what  SAMPrefs do , I will just say that it will save some files needed to activate on a server.

How to backup your iPhone activation with SAM
This backup will allow you to unlock your iPhone even if Apple decides to re-encode. Since nobody knows exactly what measures Apple will take, but to protect your investment (decoding), it won’t¬† hurt anybody to do this backup, So why are you waiting for ?



If Apple is going to block the IMEI of your phone and you may not be able to activate it, you must follow the steps below to restore the activation from SAM server.
1. Make sure you made ‚Äã‚Äãthe iPhone jailbreak
2. Activate the phone (the official card (shown) or by hacking if possible)
3. Open SAMPrefs iPhone, go to the Utilities section and select the de-activated iPhone
4. All Utilities from the  menu must be ticked on the restore button activation