BattSaver Cydia App Helps Preserve Battery Life

On August 6, 2012

The problem of poor battery life is an everlasting problem but what the users can do to mitigate this problem is by applying some small hacks and even applications that can save the battery life. One of the applications that we recommended is BattSaver which is a jailbreak app that aims to increase the iPhone’s battery life significantly.

What the application does is that it manages certain components of your iPhone that would significantly affect the phone’s battery life. This includes components such as Wi-Fi, 3G Radio, screen brightness and many more. You can choose the battery saving configurations that you prefer and this includes configurations such as Clever, Efficient, Wise, Clear, Intuitive and many more. Different configurations would deal with different kinds of settings so you might want to choose one that would fit your usage the best. However, if you find that these configurations do not suit you well, you can also create your own battery saving configurations as well.

BattSaver comes at a price of just $2.99 but we definitely recommend that you give this a try. This is because anything that can save a battery’s life deserve a try. However, be sure that you first jailbreak your device before you install this app.