Become a Mobile Design Rockstar – Only $77 Instead of $200

On March 24, 2012
Jen Gordon makes her living designing pretty interfaces for glowing boxes, and teaching others how to do the same. With a robust background in web design, and experience designing for many Fortune 500 companies, Jen took that knowledge and shifted to the field of mobile design in 2008. Today Jen runs Tapptics, a mobile design training resource for those interested in jumping into the exciting field of mobile design. This comprehensive design kit with hundreds of assets + how-to info is her latest creation:

Here’s The Deal:

Step 1: You got your mobile app idea. — Check.

Step 2: Learned Objective C / Java and ready to start coding. — Check.

Step 3: Able to create a beautiful interface so people actually USE your app — Uhhhhhh….

That’s why we’re introducing you to design guru Jen Gordon of Tapptics!

Instead of spending hour and hours (or potentially thousands of dollars) attempting to create your own design, we’re offering you a chance to get not only a beautiful, cleanly designed mobile app, but also to save you time and enable you to spend more time doing what you do best!

This is an AMAZING package full of editable Photoshop and Pixelmator files and over 300 custom and standard design elements for both the iOS and Android platforms. All assets are pixel perfect, vector shape layer elements

Everything Included:

  • iPhone Design Templates ($59 value)
  • iPad Design Templates ($59 value)
  • Android Design Templates ($59 value)
  • 196 Glyph Icons ($39 value)
  • 8 iOS Icon Templates ($39 value)
  • Bonus 1: 60-page manual on How to Create your first iPhone app ($30 value)
  • Bonus 2: a free video training on how to design your iPhone app in less than 30 minutes!

Within all of the templates you get:

Badges, Icons and Arrows

Don’t settle for standard badges, icons and arrows! It’s super easy to have custom designs for these fun little elements. All of these are sized for the optimal “tap-able” size for both 3.0 and retina screen resolutions.

Background Textures
Getting the proper contrast between background images and on screen elements can be tricky. These backgrounds are designed and tested for both form and function!

Buttons and Controls
Custom designed buttons and segmented controls are a great way to develop a theme that helps your app stand out. Each of these buttons have been sized for the optimal “tap-able size” for both 3.0 and retina screen resolutions.

The iPhone Templates Pack includes:

  • 320px x 480px 1st Gen iPhone Template – Photoshop file
  • 640px x 960px Retina iPhone Template – Photoshop file
  • 320px x 480px 1st Gen iPhone Template – Pixelmator file
  • 640px x 960px Retina iPhone Template – Pixelmator file

iPad Templates Pack Includes:

  • 1024px x 768px landscape – Photoshop file
  • 1024px x 768px landscape – Pixelmator file
  • 768px x 1024px landscape – Photoshop file
  • 768px x 1024px landscape – Pixelmator file

Android Templates Pack Includes:

  • 480px x 800px (hdpi) – Photoshop File
  • 480px x 800px (hdpi) – Pixelmator File
  • 240px x 400px (ldpi) – Photoshop File
  • 240px x 400px (ldpi) – Pixelmator File
  • 320px x 480px (mdpi) – Photoshop File
  • 320px x 480px (mdpi) – Pixelmator File

All Mobile User Interface Elements

Take the 30-minute design training to see how you can quickly customize the standard mobile UI elements.

60-Page iPhone App Guide eBook

To clarify, the eBook teaches “how to” create your first iPhone app (includes tips on how to outsource app development/coding.)

8 iOS Icon Design Templates

Each of these eight icons are meticulously designed and organized. It’s super simple to make any of these icons your own to drop in a logo or piece of artwork specific to your app. Each icon is retina screen ready and measures 114 × 114 pixels. Best of all, they are built using vector shape layers so resizing is a snap!

196 Vector Glyph Mobile-Centric Icons

With this Kit you get the largest collection of mobile-centric icons out there. All icons are sized for both 3.0 and retina displays and built using vector shape layers. This means you don’t lose any image quality when sizing up or down!


The Kit is under an Attribution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use the filesHOWEVER YOU CHOOSE – for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS.

Oh, and hurry up to grab this deal right away as it will all end in 24 hours!