Beginner tips for iPhone users

On August 26, 2011

New users may encounter some problems while using the iPhone or they simply do not know the best or fastest way of using iPhone. The iPhone is a very powerful device and if used correctly, the usage of it is limitless.


Ever since the iOS4 was released, the iPhone was allowed to have multitasking capabilities. However, some people do not know how to access the closed applications. The way to do it is by double clicking the Home button. Should the user do not want to use the application anymore, it is best to hold the icon of any of the applications at the bar below and click on the red button on top of the application. By doing this, it will close the application and potentially free up the memory for consumption of other apps.

Creating folders

iPhone folders are the best way to put all related applications in a single place. This feature was made available recently with the launch of the iOS4 and ever since it was made available, a lot of people utilized this useful feature. All that needs to be done is to hold the icon of an app and drag it to any other app that the user wishes to put in the same folder with and voila, a folder is created.