Best accelerometer based games for iPhone and iPad

On September 10, 2013


In the vast world of iOS games, many use inclination and position variations as a primary input rather than your taps. Thanks to the gyroscope in addition to the accelerometer in newer devices, these controls have become more fluid, user-friendly and bug-free. Though more strenuous than playing touch games, they provide more realistic experience and hence, are liked by many of us. Here are a few of our picks for the Best accelerometer based games for iPhone and iPad.

Labyrinth 2 

This is the iOS avatar of the classic ‘ball and board‘ game where you manoeuvre the metal ball over maze-like and perforated boards. Reach the finish line without taking a dip and the level is yours. This is one of the most popular games in this genre and requires precise movements and tilts. So if you’re planning to play this on a bus, you aren’t gonna be very happy about the results. There are dozens of other games too, which portrays a similar concept like Wooden Labyrinth 3D, Dark Nebula and Blendamaze.

screen480x480 (2)Get Labyrinth 2 ($4.99) or Labyrinth 2 HD ($7.99) from the AppStore


Air Wings

This games takes the familiar AirForce warfare to the drawing room and yet elevates the experience to a whole new level. Here we control a paper or toy plane which can shoot pencils, rubber bands, paper balls and sticky arrows. Enter table tops, sand boxes or toy rooms and indulge in hardcore multiplayer fights via gamecenter or bluetooth. This is one of those few free games which I have never deleted from my iPhone and pick up and play anytime I want. Its worth it!

screen568x568Get Air Wings (Free) from the AppStore


Tilt to live

You’re just an arrow trapped in a rectangle and are attacked by countless red dots. Move swiftly and precisely, use power ups strategically and evade the red sea. The game has different modes like survival, time trial, hardcore etc and is very very addictive! The power ups like bombs, black hole, freeze, electrocution, fire ball and spines are not only useful but also looks stunning. A must have if you ask me!

Other similar games are Hyper Snake and Geometric Wars.

mzl.igohyoja.480x480-75Read our review and get Tilt to Live ($2.99) or Tilt to Live HD (Free) from the AppStore.


Burn the Rope

Though not as addictive or dynamic as some other games in the list, Burn the Rope is still on our top list, thanks to the completely new and innovative gameplay. We have a set of intertied rope and you can kindle some point. Tilt and rotate your device so that the fire spreads properly and leaves nothing but ash behind. Warning: Not as easy as it sounds. Coloured fires, ants, clamps, separate ropes etc are introduced later into the gameplay, making it an as exciting puzzle game as any.

burntherope_v12_iph4_screen1-2largeGet Burn the Rope ($0.99) or Burn the Rope HD ($2.99) from the AppStore.


Doodle Jump

This is another iconic game which defined a unique form of endless games, an endless jumper game. We have Doodle, the Doodler who climbs up platforms on a paper, hopping from one to another. Pick up jetpacks, heli caps, spring jumps, helmets and guns, evade enemies, time your jumps and avoid tricky platforms to reach from ground to building tops to skies to moon to space and.. honestly. I haven’t reached beyond that. Doodle Jump is surely worth the money, owing to the addictive and trend setting gameplay.

doodlejumpipadRead our review and get Doodle Jump ($0.99) or Doodle Jump HD ($2.99) from the AppStore.


Impossible road
Cube Runner 2

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