Best apps to show off your iPhone 5s

On October 4, 2013


So you got your new iPhone 5s? Are your Android or iPhone 5 friends teasing you for the wasteful purchase? These apps can help you. Load up any one of these and just ask, “Can your phone do that?”. Here, I have discussed three games with spectacular graphics, one app specific for the 5s and another one for the iOS 7.

If you’ve got the new iPhone, this game is kind of a must have, thanks to the breath taking visuals. While the predecessors were spectacular too, Infinity Blade III is one game that makes use of the 64bit processor and hence, one can notice a marked difference. Playing alternatively between Siris and Isa in 8 massive worlds, hunting down the GodKing, this game disappoints in no way.

screen568x568 (4)
Read our review and get Infinity Blade III from the App Store.

Probably the best FPS games we’ve ever seen on iOS, MC4 is more than just looks. The story, gameplay, action and execution; all stands one above the other. The President is held hostage by terrorist Page and its upto you to save him. With intuitive controls, unique fighting modes and the ability to play as both the cops and the terrorists, Modern Combat 4 is worth showing off.

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This once again highlights the processing power of quad-core GPU in the A7 chip. Though the simulation type gameplay is harder than other arcade racing games and we miss the street racing fun, hyper realistic graphics and intuitive controls elevates the experience. Also, this is one the few free games which can help you here.

screen568x568 (6)
Read our review and get Real Racing 3  from the App Store.

Now lets see something different. As you might have heard, the 5s sports a brand new co-processor M7 chip, which continuously records your motion in a power efficient and accurate manner. Strava Run is a Health and Fitness app which is one of the first few to make use of this chip. So you might want to check out this cool new feature.


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This app helps with the looks of your new iPhone. iOS 7 has introduced some spectacular animations and use of translucency schemes. As the trailer suggested, changing just the homescreen brings out a whole new theme and colors. As such, iOS7 wallpapers are flooding the internet. Blur helps to make your own iOS 7 wallpapers with the pictures you take. Add certain blur effects, adjust the contrast and your wallpaper is ready. A similar app Photo Blur is also worth mentioning.

asdasGet  Blur from the App Store.


iMovie (You’ll get s complementary copy for free)
Asphalt 8: Airborne ($0.99)
The Room Pocket ($0.99)