Best apps to stream videos to your iPhone and iPad

On January 9, 2014


The inability to expand the storage capacity of iPhone and iPad with a microSD card is a major left out, especially for movie buffs who like to be loaded with great flicks at all times. And this gap has made way for an overwhelming amount of video apps into the AppStore, to help stream videos from a Mac or PC to your iOS device. So here are the chart toppers.


Air PlayIt

This one is undoubtedly worth the crown, thanks to its bagful of features and the least possible price tag. Yes, its free and not even a single in-app purchase! The major highlight of the app is the live conversion of about 320 audio and video formats so that you needn’t worry about converting movies on your PC. Downloading it over wifi or 3G for offline viewing is a blessing. All other routine streaming stuff like http-sharing and TV-out are in place too. In short, Air Playit is the only streaming app most will ever need.

airplayitadRead our review and get Air PlayIt (Free)/Air PlayIt HD (Free) from the AppStore.


Air Video

I cannot think why you might want to look past our winner, but some bugs in playing avi files and compatibility issues with iPhone 5 have been reported by users. If you’re sufferer, Air Video is your thing. It packs every feature boasted by Air Playit, but at a tag of 3 bucks. On the bright side, it is an universal app and will satisfy all your screens!

airplpayitRead our review and get Air Video ($2.99) from the AppStore.



This is another 3 buck universal app, bringing all the basic functions of the streaming app. But the UI is not as captivating as others and also the latest update is very buggy. The major set back is the inability of the app to maintain link with your Mac or PC as it often gets disconnected. Hopefully, the next update will fix it and StreamToMe can climb up this list.

streamtomeGet StreamtoMe ($2.99) from the AppStore.



Plex has the best user interface among the lot, but is the most expensive one too. You can stream videos, photos and audio with the meta details automatically filled in for you. It is a pleasant experience for 5 bucks but often has difficulties in connecting to the server software. Also many of the features including Offline viewing requires a premium pass, which is just not worth it.

plexRead our review and get Plex ($4.99) from the AppStore.


VLC streamer

The name VLC is very compelling and VLC Streamer is probably the first app that pops up in the results for “stream video”. It is a 2 buck app which is a mixed bag. Many users describe it as ‘the best streaming app ever’, while others say that ‘it is slow, buggy and difficult to setup’. Personally, I haven’t had any issues with it and think that it does a great job for a free app. This leads us to believe that VLC streamer performs differently based on your device, OS version, WiFi speed and the desktop configuration. So it is always a great alternative to check out, if others are giving you trouble.

vlcstreamerGet VLC streamer ($1.99) from the AppStore.


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