Best blogging apps for iPhone and iPad

On August 6, 2013


Thanks to smartphones and tablets, everything has become on-the-go and more and more apps are released everyday to make this possible in different spheres of life. If you’re a blogger or own a blog, the following apps for iPhone and iPad can come in handy.


Blogsy for iPad ($4.99)

This should be the king of all blogging tools and probably the only one you’ll ever need. Blogsy has been here for quite a long time and none have been able to get past it. Support for all major blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, with lots and lots of features makes Blogsy a must have. Writing posts, editing them, adding pics, switching between blogs, adding links etc are a pleasure, once you get used to the interface. But a couple of caveats are that it is iPad only and that if you’re the owner of the site, you wouldn’t have any administrative powers within the app.

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WordPress (Free)

I have seen many low ratings on the Appstore regarding the official app, but to be honest, I really like the wordpress app. May be because it gives access to some of the administrative roles on my website too. Though things are not as fancy or feature-filled as the above one, for a normal user, the official WordPress app is more than enough. But unlike Blogsy, a basic knowledge of html editing is required in this app.

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Blogger (Free)

If you use Google’s free blogging platform, the choices are unfortunately pretty less. Of course Blogsy and other multi-platform tools are there, but the official Blogger app should be the best and free stand-alone choice. I am sorry to say that the app is not as flexible as one would expect. Though the app claims to support WYSIWIG editing, the final result is not always what you intend. So if you’re a power user, I would suggest you go form something else in the list. But if you have a personal blog, this one should do the trick.

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Tumblr (Free)

Most casual bloggers use Tumblr to share their thoughts and just like the platform, the app is all about looks and ease. A simple and sleek interface with quick access to all things you need, is the highlight. Adding those photos, videos and links are just few taps away. Improved notifications and better polished interface in their recent update, has made the app even better.

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Blogpad Pro ($4.99)

This is one of the latest additions in the group and has been praised by some, as the most professional wordpress client. Taking a bunch of features from Blogsy and adding a couple of ingredients of its own, BlogPad Pro makes itself stand out. The addition of managerial half makes it perfect for blog owners. Offline editing, dropbox integration and conflict management are some other features to look out for.

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Note: Poster was an excellent app, that should’ve surely found itself in the list. But WordPress has acquired it and it is not available in the AppStore anymore. And the good news is that we can hope to see a Poster like WordPress official app soon.