Best case scenario for iPhone 5 specifications

On September 17, 2011

Admit it, a lot of people would like to see massive improvements for the new iPhone 5 but it is sad to say that it may or may not happen because usually, Apple prefers to give out small improvements but market it out massively such as like the case of FaceTime.

The technology was already present from the first 3G era but only after years of creating the iPhone was the function being added to it.

In any case, there can always be a best case scenario and for the iPhone 5, there are a lot of wishes that people do want to have. One of it is 4G capability. It’s simple actually, people want the fastest of everything and currently, 4G offers the fastest internet speed which puts 3G far behind the competition. Having this will definitely give the new iPhone the edge over the competition.

In addition to that, near field communication (NFC) capability would also be a plus. People would be using their iPhone 5 to interact with other devices and in some cases, pay their bills with their iPhone instead of using their credit cards thus decreasing the need for the cards. NFC has been used in countries such as Japan.