Best Free iPhone Apps

On December 24, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of applications available from the Apple App Store and each of these are suitable for your iPhone. While there are many paid applications, there are also many free ones too. These are usually fun to have although you won’t be getting as much functionality as compared with paid applications. If for some reason you want to get some free iPhone applications, we have a few that might just interest you.


While the iOS 6 has a lot of Facebook integration, it doesn’t beat the original Facebook application. This application is also better than before as Facebook uses the iOS native language instead of porting it from HTML 5. As a result, it is snappier but still has as many features as before. Through the Facebook application, you can get updates on your friends, text and have group conversations as well as play some of the games that are available on Facebook.


There aren’t many Microsoft based products that are free but PhotoSynth is an exception. PhotoSynth by Microsoft allows you to create a panorama based on the place that you are at. In addition to that, you can also share it as an interactive panorama too. If you are up for it, you can upload your panorama to Bing and it will appear in both Bing Maps and Bing Search. You can also check out some other panorama that has been done by other people. However, for iPhone 4S users, the application has yet to make use of the full 8MP sensor on the camera. So, you might be sacrificing a little bit in terms of image quality.


If you find that you are a heavy Dropbox user, then this mobile app is a suitable companion for you. However, unlike the desktop version, Dropbox for iPhone will not be downloading your whole folders. Instead, you will be browsing them just like how you do on its online website. Nevertheless, you can still download the files that you want so that you can view them offline at a later time. There has yet to be a better companion application for Dropbox other than this one. So, you might as well just stick with this one here.


While FaceTime is a great feature found in all iOS devices, Skype can be a better alternative. The reason is that you can use it to contact just about anyone regardless of the platform that they use. Skype for iPhone makes use of a simple interface and you will find that it works just as easy as it would on Windows or Mac computers. You can also make calls through this iPhone version and this feature definitely comes in handy, especially if you have subscribed to any of the unlimited calls plan that Skype has to offer.