Best infinite runner games for iPhone and iPad

On November 14, 2013


Endless runner games are most probably anyone’s go-to destination when boredom kicks in. And when there are more than one pair of hands on their mobiles, things get really competitive. High scores do matter! Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most popular Infinite runner games available for your iPhone and iPad. Please note that other endless games like Doodle Jump, Fall Down etc (non-runner) are not dealt with here. Perhaps, some other time. This is the place for runners only. Get, Set, Go!

Subway Surfers

Graffiti is your favorite hobby and the subways your canvas. You’re interrupted by the security guard and his dog during the latest masterpiece and the eternal run begins. Three parallel tracks with trains, platforms, coins and items form the playground and you’ve to conquer them with side swipes, jumps and power ups.
SubwayRead our review and get Subway Surfers (Free) from the AppStore.


Temple Run 2

The original Temple Run was one of the first few games to pull the pin of the endless game explosion. And the sequel to the game was even better with much better graphics and flexibility. We play the role of an explorer running away with a golden idol, chased by an inominate black monster. Run over walls, planks, rocks, swamps, rivers, mills, pits, broken bridges and more till you reach heaven. Other variants like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: OZ are also worth a look.
Temple runRead our review and get Temple Run 2 (Free) from the AppStore.



A rather cartoony or retro looking endless game where you become someone trained by Indiana Jones himself. The major highlight of the game is the dynamic gameplay and camera views. The run varies from bare foot to bikes to even miners’ carts and the cameras shift accordingly. Change forms, whip out obstacles and break records.
screen568x568 (25)Read our review and get PITFALL! (Free) from the AppStore.


Into the Dead

One of the unique games in the genre, which sports an FPS gameplay-view rather than over-the-shoulders or side-scroller cameras. You’ve just broken the seal of Tutankhamen’s tomb and its time for the Zombie apocalypse. Or was it the Mummies? Anyway, the sand storm has drastically reduced your range of view and you’ve no idea where you’re going. Your only aim is to survive each second, one by one. Tilt the device to run sideways, avoid the dead, pick up pistols, shoot’em up and break chests to make some money in the process.
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Punch Quest

Released last year for the halloween, Punch Quest is the scariest, action packed and yet cutest of all these games. Punchy is infiltrating deep into the evil castle and zombies, mummies, pumpkins, vampires, skeletons, skulls, ghosts, monsters and more are marching against him. Eliminate them with a couple of punches and keep moving. With epic boss fights, aggressive pixelated graphics and thrilling sound effects, it is surely one of the best.
screen568x568 (26)Read our review and get Punch Quest (Free) from the AppStore.


Robot Unicorn Attack
Totem Runner
One Epic Knight
Agent Dash