Best iOS exclusive games for iPhone and iPad

On October 22, 2013

App_StoreThe Android vs iPhone clashes can sometimes get ugly. When the droids boast of the high-end specs and cool new features, the ‘i’ guys play the ‘iOS ecosystem and great apps’ card. I have never used an Android device, so I’m no one to judge that argument, but I can surely help the latter guys to choose some of the best games which are found only on the Apple AppStore.

Infinity Blade III

It is not just the third part, but all members of the Infinity Blade series are exclusive to iOS. This game tells the story of Siris and Isa in their quest to take down the God King. The controls are the same hack and slash one in static screen battles. But that’s not the important part. Sporting the best graphics ever on an iOS device, Infinity Blade III is designed for showing off the GPU of Apple’s newer devices. Too good to be missed!

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Call of Duty: Strike Team

Though the other COD titles made their appearance on Android, Strike Team hasnt yet hit Google Play. It is speculated to arrive soon but as of now, this game fits the list. Unlike other Call of Duty titles, Strike Team sports an ‘Eagle eye view’ for strategical approach, in addition to the conventional action-packed FPS gameplay. You can switch between them anytime you want and experience the redefined COD for mobile.

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This indie game is so good that we often struggle to find apt words to describe it. Assist the silhouetted hero from rest to the vaccum pipe by cloning, expanding, shrinking, rolling and sticking while escaping the bursts, puzzles, saws, spines, avalanches and more. With great graphics, simple one-touch controls, never-before concept and a great price tag, BADLAND is a must have.

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Year walk

Simogo has been known to create some of the most unique games in iOS and Year Walk is the perfect example. This is a spooky and mysterious game sporting a ‘Point and Click‘ or rather ‘Swipe and Click’ gameplay. You are trapped in a dream world where you travel deep into the woods, come across fairies and ghosts, find clues in the wild, use them to unlock secret corridors and so on. If things get mixed up, a companion app is also available for reference.

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Limbo is undoubtedly my favourite game of 2013. And it is quite surprising that this ‘multi-console + iOS’ game, isn’t available for Android. Follow the journey of a lost kid through the hostile forest in a monochromatic world, in the quest for his sister. Though a puzzler in its core, it is not like any other nerdy arcades or point and click games. Limbo takes everything to a more macroscopic level with real-life situations and practical solutions. You’re bound to play this for hours, without stopping.

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Other iOS only games, worth noting:

Tiny Wings
Worms 3
Beat Sneak Bandit
Ridiculous Fishing
Paper Titans
The drowning