Best Point and Click games for iPhone and iPad

On August 13, 2013


Even during the early days of computer gaming, Point and Click genre had made its mark, thanks to the cost effective, developer friendly and yet pleasing gameplay. Decades later, the same games find their way to our iOS devices in a new touch-friendly avatar. Here are the games which we think will be best suited for your iPhone and iPad.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut ($3.99)

This classic PC and Playstation title is one of the most popular games of the genre available at the AppStore. The iOS game differs from the original initially but soon falls back into the familiar slot. You fill the shoes of a Lady detective Nico, who is here to solve a murder case. The game follows a strong story line and gameplay revolves around solving puzzles.

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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition ($2.99)

This game tells the tale of Guybrush Threepwood who sets out to be a pirate and later gets his girlfriend kidnapped by LeChuck. This storyline is assisted by humorous voice overs and funny scenarios. The graphics and sound effects are also a great improvement from the original console version. The game has four sequels, which are equally entertaining.

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Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered ($2.99)

Another console port which masters the point and click gameplay, for iPhone. Here we follow Robert Foster, who escapes the clutches of some bad guys and finds himself stranded in the middle of a strange town. Help him through this adventurous and puzzle-solving journey to finally avenge his family’s death.

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Myst ($4.99)

This game stands out for many reasons. First of all, it is really hard. Perhaps the hardest in this list. So if you’re looking for a casual gameplay, beware! Again, this game is known for its stunning visuals and also, for the mystery it builds. You’ve reached a mysterious island through the portal in a book and there is nothing or rather no one to help you. Do what your guts tell you and escape.

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HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep. 1 ($3.99)

This is one of the most hilarious games out there. But at the cost of a ‘17+ only‘ tag! Yes, it is a little spicy, rude and violent but in a funny way. Everything else follows the typical Point and click gameplay with lots of puzzles and thugs to get past. So if your mom isn’t watching, this game is a must have.

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