Best unique puzzle games for iPhone and iPad

On January 14, 2014

TPuzzle games are one of the most popular genres in whole of the AppStore and each week, new and better ones are flowing in. And we hope to bring the best of the lot via this post. Please note that I am dealing with the newer and more unique puzzle games on iOS rather than the routine Jigsaw, Sudoku, Word games and their kins.


The Room Two

The Room was awarded by Apple as ‘The Best iPad Game of 2012‘ and Fireproof rolled out the sequel, The Room 2 just in time for last Christmas. Your primary objective is to open a box, which is guided by some hardcore puzzles. Keeping the basic framework of the original and yet building on it to involve multiple boxes, interconnected items and even mystic rooms, the newborn is jaw-dropping. The game is sufficiently long but is so captivating that, you’ll finish it in a week and yearn for more!

screen480x480 (16)Get The Room 2 ($4.99) from the AppStore.


Tiny Thief

This one is a mixture of some great genres – An arcade side-scrolling role-playing game sporting ‘point and click‘ controls. You are, as the name suggests, a Tiny Thief with a mission to rob the level. Hide in barrels, distract soldiers, tip toe around the area, time your moves to get into the house, rob some jewels and reach the rendezvous. Stealth and strategy embedded deep into a puzzle game – can’t get any better!

screen480x480 (17)Read our review and get Tiny Thief ($2.99) from the AppStore.


World of Goo

This one is among the most popular puzzle games and features one of Apple’s dear ‘huggable heroes‘. There is a bunch of cute black orbs who need to reach the ‘warm and welcoming’ pipes; And for that, we need to build them bridges using sticky and fragile tar fibres. Physics is at its best here, as you struggle to create a steady strong passage for the little ones in each level. Try it and you wouldnt be disappointed!

screen568x568 (27)Get World of Goo ($2.99) and World of Goo HD ($4.99) from the AppStore.


Cut the Rope

Who doesn’t like to feed OmNom? If casuals puzzles are what you’re looking for, nothing compares to Cut The Rope. We have a candy tied to a rope and a hungry cute alien at the other end. Strain your brains, time your cuts, use the accessories and feed him. With hundreds of levels filled with sweet candy fun, CtR is a must have.

cut the ropRead our review and get Cut the Rope ($2.99) and Cut the Rope HD ($4.99) from the AppStore.



Rated by WhatsoniPhone as the runner-up Game of the Year, 2013, LIMBO is beyond excellence. This console hit tells the tale of a boy in search of his sister in the dark woods. In the course, you need to tackle some spiders, high voltage wires, magnetic fields, heavy boxes, parasites and much more to rescue her. The puzzles are not mechanical or artificial but real-life scenarios, which needs you to use your common sense than anything else. Get it!

20130721-2131541 (1)Read our review and get LIMBO Game ($4.99) from the AppStore.


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