Best Weight Loss Applications to Have in Your iPhone

On February 6, 2012

Smartphones like iPhone are no less than great companions that can be your source of entertainment, beauty guide or a weight loss instructor. With many wonderful weight loss applications available for download in the Apple App store, you can easily plan and follow a routine to lose pounds and inches. Here is a list of the most popular iPhone applications that can help you get into the right shape.

The Eatery

How about getting the healthiness of your food rated by others? The Eatery is the application that allows you to do so. Using this application, you can design eating patterns using the opinions of others, who may be experts in planning weight loss diets. The best part is that the iPhone application is free to install.

Lose It!

A comprehensive and free-to-install weight loss application for iPhone, Lose It! Helps to plan a daily calorie budget and to follow it religiously. Set the number of calories you should consume on a day. Enter the food items that you eat and the application will subtract the calories consumed from the set number. The calories you burn through exercising are also included in the calculations. You can create custom plans for fixed number of days and track how much weight you lose at the end.

Weight Watchers

Give points to every meal of the day and learn how much you have scored in the weight losing efforts. The very popular Weight Watchers program can now be accessed as an iPhone application for free. The application will allow you to allocate points to every food item you consume and will help you eat within the healthy body requirements. It is a fun application with points available for restaurant foods, supermarket foods and other items.


Another useful iPhone weight loss application is iSpinning which is meant for people who prefer biking to reduce weight. Use the application with a compatible fitness sensor and you can track your biking speed, ride time, number of calories burnt and many other things. Biking is one of the greatest weight loss exercises and the application can make it much more worthwhile.


No need to refer to the food pyramid charts any more. The 40:30:30 application for iPhone can help you follow the food pyramid rules to consume carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the recommended percentages of 40 percent, 30 percent and 30 percent respectively. Tracking your food consumptions was never so easy and convenient.

With many more weight loss applications available for iPhone, you have least chances to fail in losing abnormal weight. You will find fitness coming your way in a rather simple way.