Better Late Than Never— Apple (Finally) Offers iPhone Optimized

On July 13, 2008

It struck me as funny ("funny"= "strange" not "funny"="ha ha") that just about everyone on the web came out with an iPhone optimized site over the last year except our friends at Apple. That’s right, Amazon had an iPhone optimized site, the New York Times had an iPhone optimized site but Apple, the creator and purveyour of iPhone goodness, didn’t offer and iPhone optimized site for their store or even their help pages. Well, now that’s finally changed.


Over at JAiB Patrick just posted a link to Apple’s new iPhone help site that is iPhone and iPod Touch-ready.


















As you can see, it is a thorough overview of the iPhone and its numerous capabilities, including the ever-more-complicated settings area on the iPhone.

















It is especially good if you are new to the iPhone or iPod Touch. And while it may be a year too late (IMO) it certainly falls into the category of "better late than never".