Big Pollution Free – save the Gulf from an ecological catastrophe

On May 15, 2011

Your mission in this game is to save the Gulf from an ecological  catastrophe by quickly navigating your cap into the deep and seal the broken source.
As you go down to the bottom you will  dodge, glide, and tilt your way around deep sea creatures and past hazards.

It is a highly addictive game with visually stunning high resolution graphics!




Big Pollution feature :
– Multi-directional tilt control.
Navigate your cap by moving your iPhone in all directions
– Encounter sea creatures and navigate past hazards
РFree trapped fish : get  bonus points escaping the fishes which are  trapped in oil bubbles
– Progress continuously towards your final mission
РUpgrade to complete the mission: Upgrade to unlock new checkpoints and  to get access to the bottom of the ocean
– Awesome graphics optimized for Retina display



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