How big is the screen of the iPhone 6 – Next iPhone series phone

On October 8, 2013


Even if on the size chapter the iPhone 5S screen remained slightly behind the competition, Apple will continue to release increasingly larger phones and Phone 6 could make a major leap in this regard, receiving a significantly larger screen than the one used for iPhone 5 series phones.

According to estimates by Peter Misek – Jefferies investment bank analyst, presented at a meeting with Asian component suppliers of Apple, iPhone 6 could use a wider and larger screen of 4.8 inches than the 4 inches used on current iPhones series. Wasn’t disclosed exactly what bases its predictions, but wanted to clarify that the new screen size will boost users to change their old iPhone to a new one. Moreover, the statistically about 50% of smartphones shipped in the last quarter have bigger screen of 4 inches, compared with 20% in the same period last year.

Misek also revealed that sales of newly launched iPhone 5C obtained were modest, leading to reduced production volume of 30 million copies which were initially estimated as approximately 15-20 millions. But the actual failure could be the basis for a successful future, leading to an increased number of upgrades to future iPhone 6 model.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to lose ground to iPhone series before the Android army, which also uses larger and larger screens. Given that the iPhone 5 has changed the use of the 3.5 inch iPhone 4 in 2012, and in the meantime the competition has pushed the boundaries even further, maybe it really is the case of a change for the iPhone 6.