Big Stone Phone Announces Website and Details On Upcoming Resident iPhone Applications!

On July 10, 2008

The App Store may not be open for business until Friday but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting more than a peak at some of the neat applications that will be available at launch.

Our friends are Stone Design and Big Stone Phone Company have been rather busy prepping for the App Store launch and they have just issued a press release formally announcing the three applications that will be available at launch on July 11th. According to the release…

Big Stone Phone is proud to announce the release of three brand new applications for the iPhone. All three applications make use of the iPhone’s built in camera, but with differing intentions – one app, TalkingPics, has many practical applications, while another, called iGraffiti, is just pure fun. The third application, Twittelator, is a full-featured Twitter client for the iPhone with the ability to send a map of the user’s location with one click and automatically upload snapshots to

The entire press release can be seen here.

For details and screen shots of the applications read on…


iGraffiti is an inexpensive ($4.99) new application for the iPhone or iTouch that allows the user to photograph and paint photos of your friends. The process is simple– snap a photo (iPhone only obviously), paint on it with iGraffiti’s painting tools, then save or email them to friends. You can even upload them to the iGraffiti Art Space and share the link with others.

For even more fun, you can use your art as your phone’s “Wall Paper”.


TalkingPics, a $9.99 program, allows you to make audio recordings and then connect them to notes, photographs or even maps. A great memory jogger, it also allows you to capture the emotion of the moment in a way the images or words alone simply can’t.


Twittelator is a free Twitter client that allows users to post pictures to Twitter directly from the iPhone, as well as use the iPhone’s location feature to show others where you are and you them. While we hope you never need it, if you are in an emergency, you can click the Emergency icon and instantly create a Tweet with a map of your current location!


For more screen shots and details on each jump over to Big Stone Phone Company website, check out the apps on the App Store this Friday.

And check back at WhatsOniPhone over the weekend for our reviews!