BlackBerry London Specs

On December 20, 2011

BlackBerry London

BlackBerry London is called to be the latest product from RIM company. After some problems that faced by RIM, RIM BlackBerry London seems to be the premium series that will bring the market back to the RIM. Unfortunately, since the launching of RIM BlackBerry London is predicted on June 2012 the exact information regarding hardware specification and features of RIM BlackBerry London is still vague. Though there is some information about the hardware specification and feature leaked in the internet, it might change anytime. RIM only design the prototipe so far, so the there are still a lot of improvement that might be done by RIM on RIM BlackBerry London.

The further information about RIM BlackBerry London still being a rumor. Also, the information regarding the dimension is still cannot be confirmed. Like the previous version, it might come with a handy design. The picture of RIM BlackBerry London shows that it has white color that cover the entire case. This latest RIM BlackBerry London from RIM will only have touchscreen instead of QWERTY keyboard just like the previous BlackBerry. RIM BlackBerry London that also know as RIM BlackBerry Surfboard will use BlackBerry OS as the OS that will run the application program from BlackBerry. Like Apple Macintosh that use its own OS rather than the other OS from other company, BlackBerry seems to do the similar things as the Mac Apple does. 1500mAh TI OMAP is predicted to be processor that runs this smartphone. It is supported with 1GB RAM system memor and 16GB for the internal built-in memory. The camera will be available on both back and front side. The rear facing will available with 8MP resolution and the front facing will be in 5MP resolution.

RIM BlackBerry London is still being a rumor in the internet. The information about RIM BlackBerry London is still an unofficial information. It is because RIM BlackBerry London still a prototype that still in the level of development of the product, some improvement might be added since RIM got problem this year regarding the low order amount. As the specification of RIM BlackBerry London is not published officially yet, the information about the price is also not published.