BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) coming to iOS this summer

On May 15, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, as it’s more commonly known, will soon be available on iOS (and Android) as a free download. Although there have been rumors in the past of BlackBerry’s interest in sharing its messaging service in iOS and other platforms, this is now a reality, as the company today announced the arrival of this service to other platforms this summer. The service will be available to devices running iOS 6 or higher when launched. BBM will be available as a free download in the App Store. 

At first, the company says that users will only be able to access BBM chats, voice note sharing, multi-person chats and BlackBerry Groups that will allow users to set up groups and share files, photos, calendars, etc. However, there are plans to later introduce screenshare function, voice and video calls together with the just announced ‘channels’ as subsequent updates. The BBM ‘channels’ will allow and make it easy for users to connect with brands, celebrities, groups and businesses they are passionate about. 

This move by BlackBerry will sure popularize BBM, which already has more than 60 million active monthly users.