BlackBerry Milan Specs and Rumors

On December 26, 2011

BlackBerry Milan

BlackBerry Milan is the latest BlackBerry that rumored will be released next year in 2012. We will find that RIM BlackBerry Milan will use the latest OS from BlackBerry. This smartphone will be the second smartphone that use the latest BlackBerry 10 platform. The first BlackBerry is the RIM BlackBerry London that use the OS. RIM BlackBerry Milan will be available with portrait QWERTY slider that slide out on the bottom of the device. Besides the availability of the keyboard we will find the touchscreen still attached in this RIM BlackBerry Milan. It seems that RIM BlackBerry Milan is still publish unofficially that makes it do not have a detail information on its dimension, hardware specification and feature.

RIM BlackBerry Milan is actually still unofficially announced. It probably announced in the 2012 with unclear information of the specific date. Since it is not announced officially yet, further information of its dimension and weight is also not published yet. The only information we can get is that it will have the latest OS inside and comes with slider form factory. In the design, RIM BlackBerry Milan will have a straight line and sharp cut corner on the top and bottom. BlackBerry Milan will also appear covered with black as the dominant color. RIM BlackBerry Milan will also have a wider aspect ratio in the display compared to Torch 9810’s VGA display. Another rumor also said that this smartphone display will surpass that of the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and 4S. This news is still information that based on the rumor and leaked information.

RIM BlackBerry Milan is another RIM smartphone that still have many possibilities to change its hardware and features. Beside RIM BlackBerry Milan, RIM is still working on 5 devices that expected to be released in 2012. The further information about the price BlackBerry Milan is also the thing that we are looking for.