Book Bites – Cliff Notes For The iPhone Generation

On April 13, 2009

Come on, admit it… there was at least one time when you were in high school that you procrastinated a bit too long, backed yourself into a corner and were saved by the Cliff Notes of the book you never quite got around to reading.

Cliff Notes are great and they are still around over at But if you want to take the summary of a book with you instead of reading it for free online you’ll have to pony up $5.99.

The iOption is a new series of iPhone apps called Book Bites. They look like a great shortcut for the short of patience or procrastinator. Here’s the description-


We love books. But we love our time even more. And sometimes you just don’t have time to read every book you *need* to read, at least not right this moment. So we give you Book Bites – convenient, compact summaries of books that tell you exactly what you need to know about a book, and not much more…all in a handy little app. Don’t be left clueless at that office meeting or cocktail party, and definitely don’t miss out on a little self-help or bomb on that big test. From the latest business books to literary classics to self-improvement, Book Bites are your one-stop source for bite-sized knowledge.

Key features include-
– Save time on the go with the compact format and concise summary
– Explore key quotations from the book – shake your device for a random quote!
– Both portrait and landscape reading modes are supported, as well as an adjustable font size for reading flexibility
– Pick up where you left off with the auto-bookmarking feature
– Read through the summary seamlessly with Next and Previous buttons at the end of each chapter

Best of all, they cost a mere $.99 per book and are OTA downloadable.