Bubble Shooter – on of the most easiest game ever

On May 13, 2011

As with all of the Bubble shooting style of games this is  one of the most easiest game  to play and has simple rules and straight forward play methodology. It is very addictive to play and if you have any work to do , I advise you to finish it before you begin to play this game.



The main task  is to clear the screen and there is only one simple method by  to do this, simply fire your bubbles at the multi-colored bubbles placed on the game screen and you will see them exploding . To be able to do this, you must hit  a minimum of three similarly colored bubbles on the field  and by striking them ,the bubbles will explode and clear that part  of the screen you hit it.

This game has six different colors of bubbles, no one color is worth more points than another.You will noticed during the game some silver bubbles at the base of the screen. They represent  the number of missed shots allowed before you will lose the game.


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