Bug Or BackPedal?

On June 14, 2009

Since last July reloading an app was as easy as "re-purchasing it" for free right on your iPhone. It would look just like any other over-the-air purchase except for one thing… it was free.

Then a few weeks ago developers running an early version of iPhone OS 3.0 discovered that when they tried this method a screen informing them that it was no longer possible would appear. Instead, the were told they could reload the app for free from a desktop or, if they needed to do it on the go they would have to repurchase it on their iPhone.

It had the potential to be more than a bit annoying.

Now word comes from appadvice (via Gizmodo) that this was "a bug" and will not be the case. A bug? A mistake? It was a polished pop up window that appeared every time you tried t reload an app. Now THAT is one polished bug!!!

Look, it is fantastic that we will still be able to redownload apps right on our handheld but I am left to wonder… does there come a point where there are so many lies that the people telling them stop knowing they aren’t true?