Consider to Buy White iPhone 4? The first White iPhone 4 Unboxing

On April 27, 2011

Oh well, white iPhone 4 is no longer a rumor, but it is real. The iPhone 4 white version was seen for the first time on

White iPhone 4 Unboxing

This iPhone 4 white version bought in Italy, so you will see different model of this white iPhone 4 charger than US charger model. Yes, it is Europe charger model for iPhone 4.
This white iPhone 4 also factory unlocked one. Most Europe countries sell or offer factory unlocked iPhone, hence you can use any micro-sim card for iPhone 4.

Mark from iSpazio also felt that proximity sensor on white iPhone 4 significantly improved. The difference is really obvious.

  • Proximity sensor significantly improved. The difference is really obvious. It works fine
  • With regard to the phenomenon Antennagate looks identical, perhaps slightly decreased but the problems are more extensive tests will be carried out to understand with certainty. In principle, everything looks the same.

Watch this, the first unboxing video of iPhone 4 white version by iSpazio:

Hey, will you get the iPhone 4 white version?