Can Siri run on iPhone 4? Apparently yes, but not officially

On October 31, 2011

The main feature that Apple wanted to differentiate the iPhone 4S from iPhone 4 was Siri. The personal manager type of application recognizes voice commands and can write emails, browse restaurants in the area or activate an alarm for the next day, without the user to use the keyboard. The question on everyone’s lips was whether the fans can run Siri on iPhone 4 or not. A software developer for Apple’s phone has managed to port the application to its predecessor but it does not work.

Siri initially run hard on iPhone 4 and slowed the OS significantly. After an update the video driver for the iPhone 4, it was so much better, but the application still does not work. Siri servers communicate directly with Apple and the iPhone manufacturer has certainly created a way to recognize the terminal for running the application. On the other hand, iPhone 4 doesn not have the specific microphone which was launched especially for iPhone 4S.

Apple’s decision to block Siri on iPhone 4 was easily justifiable. Given that users were satisfied with the speed and the camera of the terminal, what reason they had to upgrade? Offering Siri only on iPhone 4S, the temptation to change a phone that is good anyway, becomes larger. The end justifies the means, in our case they are artificially blocking an application. Given that Siri depends much of the connection of Apple servers, it is unlikely that it will be possible to create a hack to run smoothly on the iPhone 4.