How can you take pictures in secret with any iPhone on iOS 7 without jailbreak

On October 28, 2013


A trick has been discovered that all who have an iPhone with iOS 7 can take pictures without others realizing it.

The method works, being tested also by us and doesn’t even involve something complex, just need the iOS Camera app and access to the swicher’s task , as you will see below.

So here is what you have to do to be able to take pictures in secret with your iPhone on iOS 7

1. Unlock your iPhone and access the Camera app from Home Screen. Note that the method does not work if you access the Camera from LockScreen;

2. Now that the camera app is open, choose the settings you want to use in order to secretly take pictures or even videos. Switch the Flash off, however considering that you do not want others to know that you do this;

3. Furthermore, double-tap the Home button to access the task switcher from iOS 7. Now navigate through open applications in the background without having to open any particular one. Simply browse the multitude of applications running in the background as you are really looking for something.

4. Now, the interesting part is that, by pressing the “+” volume button of your iPhone, you can activate the camera, making pictures or filming.

We believe that this method is extremely ingenious and works exactly as described above. It helps you to take pictures, without those around you realizing. Think that you can take a picture using the front camera just by simply showing your phone to someone, having no idea that the camera shoots photos in background when you press the “+” volume button. Or you can shoot while looking through the task switcher as you browse.