Carriers said iPhone 5 due to be released on October

On September 15, 2011

The iOS 5 is due to reach Gold Master status on September 23 and with this, it shows that the new operating system for the iPhone will reach maturity and out of beta stage.  In addition to that, it also paves way for the iPhone 5 to be released to the public and many of carriers related to Apple stated that the new device will be released sometime in October and some even put October 15 as the D-day.

In fact, some carriers are now taking pre-orders for the new iPhone even though there are no announcements being made by Apple. The first carrier to do so was Deutsche Telekom and recently, China Telecom did the same as well.

There are also rumors about the look of the new iPhone 5 (or may be called as iPhone 4S). Some say that the new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 4 although there will be some minor changes to the design such as the dimension much like the change from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS.

October is coming soon and people are dying to get their hands on the new product. Who knows what improvement Apple do to the iPhone? Only time will tell and that time is soon.