Cellhelmet case for complete iPhone care

On August 11, 2012

A case that covers accidental damages to your phone is certainly one that is worth to get and in the case of Cellhelmet casing for iPhone, it does exactly that. The company allows the user to send in their iPhone to repair for free if there is a damage done to the iPhone while the phone is in the Cellhelmet casing.

The coverage that the company covers while the user is using this case include broken motherboard, cracked screen and a few other things that is associated with accidental damages. However, what it doesn’t cover however is water damage and this might be due to the fact that it isn’t a waterproof casing. Cellhelmet is made out of polyurethane rubber that means that it is a rugged casing that can withstand quite a blow.

At a price of $44.99, it is a bit more expensive as compared with your average casing. However, it might be one of the only few casing that would replace your entire phone should it be beyond repair. The only charge that you’ll be getting is a $50 handling fee every time you want to send it for repairs. However, you should take note that the warranty covers only the first year on which you have bought the casing.