Change Operator Name And Logo Without Jailbreak (Windows/Mac)

On June 22, 2013

CarrierEditor is a new application for Windows or Mac OSX that allows us to change the name and logo of the operator without making jailbreak on our devices. Changing the operator name is very easy if we have jailbreak on our terminals but this method is only possible for those who own an iPhone 5, iPad 3/4 or iPad Mini.

  • Download CarrierEditor (Windows / Mac).
  • Open the application and click “Let’s Get Started”.
  • On the device which you want to modify the data controller, open the Settings app and go to Settings – General – About where you look for the Carrier Bundle version (right in from of the Carrier text) and you enter the number from that text without writing the name of the mobile operator.
  • After entering the Carrier bundle version number you must choose if you have an iPhone or an iPad and your mobile operator (search operators that ends in ‘_en’).
  • Now you can choose whether to use a carrier logo from your PC or generate one with the text you prefer.
  • When finished, click the “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle” which will generate two Desktop files: the original and the modified one.
  • Open iTunes from your PC and connect your device via USB.
  • Press Shift + Restore (Windows) or Option + Restore (Mac) and select the file just created above.
  • Restart your device and enjoy the new Carrier Logo.

Note: Restore of this file does not change your iOS or delete the data, just updates the carrier logo. This process takes 5 to 10 seconds.