Cheap iPhone – 10 Different Excellent Colors

On April 28, 2013

For quite a few months now it is rumored that Apple is going to launch iPhones with lots of colored casings, but yet no one can definitely confirm this. Whether it will be talking about the iPhone 6 or the Cheap iPhone, at least one of the devices would be available in at least 5-7 colors. To make this fact known, various concepts have emerged over time, the most recent of which shows a cheap iPhone with plastic casing which looks so good that Apple will likely not release it on the market ever.

Apple has already iPods available in different colors, but these product line sales increasingly weaker records, mainly because the iPhone/iPads offers superior functionality. If Apple ever decides to produce iPhones carcasses painted in different colors, I think it will attract a lot more customers than in the past. I personally find interesting the blue one, which one do you like?