Cheap iPhone vs iPhone Lite – Which Is The Real One? (Pictures)

On July 14, 2013

A week ago the below terminal image appear in a clip we thought that is the true Cheap iPhone that Apple is expected to launch in a few months.

It was received by an Asian company, which now sells Android in its base which looks absolutely identical, but offers Android experience. In not many days after this one, on internet appeared images with the terminal you see at the end of this article, and the differences between them are substantial.

Given the current white iPhone terminal design available on the market, the second picture seems much closer to reality, but no one yet knows the truth. It’s hard to believe that Apple will maintain a completely black front panel in a terminal that has a white casing, which although so far I have not seen any black casing of the cheap iPhone, it’s pretty weird. In the absence of a presentation made by Apple only rumors remains and yet they give us to understand that the cheap iPhone will have a colored case, the front panel remaining a mystery.