China generated 15% of Apple's revenue for 2012

On October 26, 2012

China is one of the most important markets of Apple products and despite the fact that there are clones for most terminals, the company earn a lot of money.

According to Apple, at the end of the year, the company concluded that 15% of its revenues were generated by China and of a total of 156 billion dollars of income, we can say that 23.4 billion dollars came only from China in 2012. The figure is very high, and if we think that in 2009 only 2% of Apple’s revenues came from China, we can get an idea about the progress made by Apple in that region.

Although Apple sells well in China, the largest mobile operator in the world still does not sell the iPhone terminal. Apple could access a database of several hundred million subscribers in China, but they have to make a special iPhone for that operator and will, but the development process will probably take some time and in 2013 the company will offer the iPhone there. With this announcement, Apple could substantially increase the sales, especially if they offer iPhone 5, but we learn more about this only after the device will be part of that operator’s offer.