Clone of iPhone 5S or the future accessible version of the iPhone?

On February 11, 2013

We all know that iPhones are made in China signed by Apple. Spy images of assembly plants would not be a surprise if we know that Apple has a very strict policy about these leaks of information. A series of such images with the iPhone 5S have appeared on the Internet and their veracity is challenged. We know that the phone will be announced this summer, but do not have much information about it. There are some who claim that Apple could launch a more affordable version of the smartphone and an iPhone 5S with plastic case, as we have here, it is the expected product.

On the other hand, the images below may be made in a factory where they build clones of the iPhone 5. An indication of this would be the battery of 1130 mAh visible in the case of a phone. I doubt Apple would do a discount on this chapter, even for a more affordable model. Rumor speaks of a housing with a thickness of 8.2 mm, available in six colors. Again, the iPhone is not a product that appel to provide the multicolole versions. We also may be talking about an iPod touch which is very similar to an iPhone 5.

In a market where the big screens with full HD resolution have power, Apple needs a new breath. Despite a very good OS and an ecosystem rich in content and applications, iPhone recipe begins to lose popularity.