CodePromo: Generate/Send Promo Codes From Your iPhone — Beta Testers Wanted

On January 13, 2010

CodePromo is an iPhone app that interacts with iTunes Connect to generate promo codes for easy sharing.


You’re chatting with someone. Might be at a bar, conference, or business meeting. You’re talking about your app — paid app to be precise — and decide that you’d like to share a copy of the app with your conversational partner. How would you do it?

Promo code, you’d naturally think. Take out your phone, bring up Mobile Safari, log into iTunes Connect, click through to generate a promo code and… nothing. You can’t generate promo codes from Mobile Safari.

Existing plan-B options are unacceptable: Get their contact info, send it to them later; loss of instant gratification. Take out your wallet, hand them the cost of the app; get 70% back when Apple pays out.


CodePromo makes it easy to generate promo codes and share them from your iPhone. It’s a native app that manages all of the iTunes Connect interactions right from your phone. Once it’s generated a promo code, you can email it right from the app or copy it to the pasteboard and e.g., send it via SMS. This <30 second video demonstrates it in action:

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Beta Testers Wanted

I need a handful of beta testers. Free copy for your help. Beta testers need to be in the US, have paid apps in the store, have promo codes remaining, and have occasion to want to share their apps in-person. Please email me if your interested; please include an iTunes link to your apps (instructions). I won’t need your UDID.

But Wait…

If your reaction to this is, “it’ll never get into the store” please hold your horses. I’ll explain later. Promise.

0 responses to “CodePromo: Generate/Send Promo Codes From Your iPhone — Beta Testers Wanted”

  1. bees4honey says:

    it’ll be incredibly useful app! good luck with it!

  2. Tyler says:

    I agree, sounds like a great app to have

  3. Fred Grant says:

    So — since you gave up on Apple, how about posting this code for the rest of us to take a look at?