Coming To iPhone – Don’t Touch

On September 19, 2008

UPDATE: Don’t Tough got rejected. Why? "Misuse of the standard user-interface".

In this case, however, the rejection was in keeping with the SDK-Agreement. No Harm. No Foul. No Don’t Touch for a few more days. (It has already been resubmitted.)

"iPhone Gag Apps" like iBeer, ayaPhone and TouchScan already have a long history that goes back to the likes of iWash, a bikini-clad iPhone gag from last year.

Yes, they tend to get old fast, but that doesn’t mean new ones aren’t worth a look.

Don’t Touch from Software Diner is a new prank app that is making its way through Apple’s rigorous"wait, see and wonder if there is some arbitrary reason it will be rejected" period. Since it doesn’t include bodily sounds or replicate any of iTunes’ functions it should be released soon.

Don’t Touch looks like a fun app that will be worth a laugh or three. Software Diner describes it this way

After you buy a new gadget, It doesn’t take long until everyone is literally all over it. Everyone wants to see it, wants to touch it, wants to try out every thing.

At first this is kind of flattering and fun. You are proud of your precious…

But then, slowly, it begins to get annoying. So, if you want to get rid of it, here’s a little prank to shock people who are a bit too interested. Don’t touch presents a fake home-screen. Upon the third tap the screen cracks with noise. If you are lucky, this will shock people enough to never touch your iPhone/iPod again. If not…hey…it was worth a try!

Don’t Touch will be free for the first seven days after release so it is definitely worth getting.

We’ll let you know when it is out and what we think.